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+1 (781) 710-6180

    Professional qualifications

  • Expert witness for language-related and translation issues in legal settings with analysis of written text or (transcribed/recorded) speech

  • Excellence in English: no translationese

  • Excellent command of my source languages (Portuguese, French & Spanish)

  • Broad range of subject areas such as law, business, finance, public policy and marketing/advertising (no hard science such as lab reports)

  • Examples of other areas: corporate governance, international trade, EU and websites, journalism and position/policy/white papers.

  • Technical areas: IT, telecoms, computing (manuals), architecture, construction and civil engineering

  • Writing: business features, business news, marketing copy, ad copy, taglines, slogans, rewriting, editing, precis writing, among others.

  • Specialty: Lacanian psychoanalysis 


Georgetown University  

  • B.S. in languages and linguistics

  • Certificate in Portuguese <> English translation

ESIT, Université de la Sorbonne Nouvelle, Paris III

  • Diplôme de traducteur

  • License en langues appliquées

  • Maîtrise 

Academic Translation

I have extensive experience in academic and literary translation. My subject areas include literary criticism and critical studies, history, the social sciences, archaeologyeconomics, communications, psychology, psychoanalysis and children's literature. I welcome inquiries for this type of work. 







Professional Memberships

New England Translators Association

American Translators Association

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